This week I am grateful for …

  • Being physically active: I’ve only gone to the gym three times since joining, but I’m already starting to feel less stiff at the end of a long day sitting at work.
  • Healthy eating: My meals this week have featured quite a few salads. It feels good to eat such light and tasty fare.
  • Exercising different parts of my brain at work: I was asked to perform a simple kinematics calculation, something that I haven’t done in years! Thankfully, google came to the rescue.
  • Playing ukulele: We learned several jaunty strumming patterns at my ukulele beginners class this week, and it made playing along so much more fun than the basic strums we started with a few weeks ago.
  • Summer’s approach: Auckland is having typically fickle spring weather, but I’m making the most of the warm mornings and bursts of sunshine throughout the day.

What are you grateful for?

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