The origin of The Green Lips, a story in two parts…

Epiphany 1: Civilisation is going to get a lot less civilised in the coming decades because of environmental degradation.

Response 1: Start a blog to talk about sustainability.

Epiphany 2: Modern western life is just as unhealthy at a mental and emotional level as it is at a physical and environmental level.

Response 2: Revive my blog to talk about improving the world at personal, societal and global scales.

The more detailed story of my blog’s emergence can be found in posts here and here. And The Green Lips will continue to grow and evolve as my awareness shifts around the many reasons for despair and hope in the world today.


A bit about the being behind the blog:

I’m a fledgling young professional (ugh, that term!) and a recovering academic. Born and bred in Auckland, New Zealand, I love this city more every year. I enjoy learning, music, and hanging out with family, and I get inordinately excited when I walk into a room full of old books.

I also sporadically blog over at Tongues, Lips, Fingertips, where I write purely for the sake of writing.


Header image by Richard Giddins from London, UK (Green Lipped Mussel) (CC-BY-2.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0), via Wikimedia Commons


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