What’s in a name? A reintroduction of sorts

Green: synonymous with the environmental movement, sustainability, and “eco-friendly” things;

Lips: used for speaking, communicating, expressing ideas and emotions.

When I first started this blog my intention was to write primarily about environmental issues, including climate change, resource depletion, peak energy, and water scarcity, as well as other social justice and equity issues. I wanted to be a voice for my generation, to educate people about the dire circumstances that will make the rest of my life increasingly unpleasant, but also to be a voice of hope, writing about ways we can tackle these problems and make our lives better in the process.

In the last year, however, all my baby steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle were swept aside as I engaged in battle with my thesis. The tempestuous process of finishing my PhD left me battered and bruised, and I emerged on the other side shivering, a pale reflection of my former self.

I’m now reclaiming a sense of normality in my post-PhD life, but I’ve discovered that it’s a much slower journey than I’d anticipated. However, I picked up an essential piece of advice early on from Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, when she spoke at the Auckland Writer’s Festival this year:

All activism and revolutionary fighting needs to come from a place of love, and, in particular, from a place of self love. We must look after ourselves if we want to accomplish any good in this world.

So as I move forward, on this blog and in the real world, my goals have broadened from addressing tangible environmental problems to cultivating a sense of compassion for myself and the world around me. And as my posts delve into personal well-being, we’ll find that it is intricately entwined with living a more aware and sustainable life.

I’m glad to say my blog’s name is still fit for purpose too:

Green: synonymous with the environmental movement, sustainability, and “eco-friendly” things;

Lips: highly sensitive; used for communicating, taking in nourishment, and tender caring kisses.

Note: An earlier version of the name “The Green Lips” was suggested by my other half as a play on the Green Lantern superheroes — I love the sense of empowerment that comes from having a superhero name!

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