Waking Up to Radical Change

Yesterday marked the start of NaBloPoMo (that’s National Blog Posting Month). I intend to take on the challenge of posting daily this month and, having started a day late, I’ll just have to finish one day late too!

I love the way the world throws coincidences at you. This year, at a time when I need to hear it most, I keep stumbling across statements that affirm the importance of self care for activism, like this speech by Scilla Elworthy:

Scilla talks about how self awareness — or “waking up” — is a prerequisite for effectiveness as a pioneering leader when working to create a better world.

She goes on to list ten radical value shifts that will help us survive the crises of the 21st century, beginning with:

“survival of the fittest” being replaced by an awareness that “cooperation is actually more efficient”

and ending with:

“consuming is our right” being replaced by “what we really desire is to satisfy the human longing for meaning and beauty”

I’ll return to discuss some of the value shifts at a later point, but in the meantime make sure you watch the video!

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