Many months ago I announced that I’d be sharing a list of things I’m grateful for on this blog every week. Well those posts have been rather more sporadic than I planned, but I still love the idea of remembering the good things in life, and what better way to start the week? Things I’m thankful for:

  • Listening to rain drumming on the rooftop while tucked up warm in bed.
  • Taking my shoes off outside for the first time this spring and enjoying the feeling of warm bricks and cool grass against my bare soles.
  • The internet, for making it possible to talk face to face with friends and whanau on the other side of the world.

What are you grateful for today?

Count Your Blessings

A recent death in the family — sudden but not unexpected — has made me realise how much I take for granted.¹  It’s so easy to assume that there will be time to catch up with family and friends next week, next month or next year, but the reality is that we never know how much longer we have.

On the other hand, seeing everyone pull together to help and support each other through such a difficult time has made me appreciate the strength and value of family bonds so much more than ever before. With that thought in mind, a somewhat bittersweet list of things I am grateful for at the moment:

  • Having a loving and supportive extended family
  • The connection and growth of families through marriages, partnerships and friendships
  • Time spent with loved ones
  • The way people work together and look out for each other
  • The ability to move freely and experience life fully
  • Living in a country with good sanitation and healthcare


¹ It’s also reconfirmed for me what a bitch of a disease metastatic melanoma is. Stay safe everyone — be sun smart!


This week I am grateful for …

  • Being physically active: I’ve only gone to the gym three times since joining, but I’m already starting to feel less stiff at the end of a long day sitting at work.
  • Healthy eating: My meals this week have featured quite a few salads. It feels good to eat such light and tasty fare.
  • Exercising different parts of my brain at work: I was asked to perform a simple kinematics calculation, something that I haven’t done in years! Thankfully, google came to the rescue.
  • Playing ukulele: We learned several jaunty strumming patterns at my ukulele beginners class this week, and it made playing along so much more fun than the basic strums we started with a few weeks ago.
  • Summer’s approach: Auckland is having typically fickle spring weather, but I’m making the most of the warm mornings and bursts of sunshine throughout the day.

What are you grateful for?


Taking note of the things you appreciate in life is great for well-being, as I previously mentioned here.

This week I am thankful for:

  • Meetings: I know a lot of people hate work meetings, but I always appreciate the chance to spend time away from my computer while doing something that still contributes to my work.
  • Blogs: All the beautiful, insightful, inspiring and informative blog posts that help restore my confidence and faith in the world.
  • Friends: The generosity and excitement of my friends when we’re discussing wedding plans.
  • Parents: Having long problem-solving conversations with my mum.
  • Cleaning: The satisfaction of wiping away dust and dirt, leaving behind a clean surface.
  • Proximity: Chance encounters with friends and family who live and work nearby.
  • Compassion: Giving myself the time I need to rest and recover.
  • Movement: Starting a new exercise program, and the optimism that gives me for my future.

What are you grateful for this week?



Cultivating a sense of gratitude is widely acknowledged to be good for us, and many well-being advocates suggest regularly taking note of what you are grateful or thankful for.

I’ve been making daily gratitude lists on and off for several years now (although I must admit my “gratitude” lists tend to have a broader focus, encompassing things that I’ve enjoyed and that have made me happy, as well as things that I am thankful for), and I’ve found it’s a particularly useful practice for getting me in a good frame of mind before bed.

Going forward, I plan to share my favourite gratitudes from during the week on this blog. Some of the things I’m grateful for will be big, important things; others will be silly little things. I can warn you in advance that there will be repetition! I am invariably grateful for sunny days, ocean views, and the love of those around me.

So, what am I grateful for this week?

  • Learning that two of my favourite bands will be touring Down Under next year
  • Being forced to put life on pause so that I could rest when I got sick
  • Warmer spring weather that lets me go outside without a jacket
  • Treating myself to chai lattes and hot chocolates
  • Finally getting the motivation I need to start writing regularly!

What are you grateful for this week?