“This over-busy world”

I was amused to find this poem in my inbox this morning, courtesy of the Academy of American Poets:

Leisure, thou goddess of a bygone age,
When hours were long and days sufficed to hold
Wide-eyed delights and pleasures uncontrolled
By shortening moments, when no gaunt presage
Of undone duties, modern heritage,
Haunted our happy minds; must thou withhold
Thy presence from this over-busy world,
And bearing silence with thee disengage
Our twined fortunes? Deeps of unhewn woods
Alone can cherish thee, alone possess
Thy quiet, teeming vigor. This our crime:
Not to have worshipped, marred by alien moods
That sole condition of all loveliness,
The dreaming lapse of slow, unmeasured time.

Titled Leisure, this poem was written by an American poet called Amy Lowell, and I find it resonates with widespread commentary on how busy and stressed modern life is making us all.

Except… the poem was published in 1912. Which makes me wonder if all this talk about how busy we are is actually something that’s gone on for centuries — a bit like the dangers of modern media and how the youth of today are so lazy and disrespectful!

Self care is stepping away from the computer

I made it through nine days of NaBloPoMo. Then I decided to call it quits.

The truth is, I was really enjoying the opportunity to write every day. But at the same time, I value my time away from the computer too. I spend all day on a computer at work, and I’m aware that giving my body the chance to do something different during my time off is important for my physical well-being.

I usually set aside a few nights each week as computer-free time. I thought I could get away with stopping this practice for a month, but I came to the realisation that spending every evening online just doesn’t working for me right now. And writing about well-being while ignoring my own is more than a little hypocritical!

Having said that, I will continue to write and post each week. I may be bowing out of NaBloPoMo, but I certainly have plenty more I’d like to share over the next weeks and months.

And for now…