I recently bought a secondhand jumper to help keep me snuggly and warm this winter*. When I buy secondhand I usually try to pick items in good condition because I like my clothes to last me a long time. The very first thing I noticed about this particular jumper was a tear at the collar, and there were at least three other signs of wear or damage. And yet I couldn’t help but love it – the colour and fit were perfect for me!

Since bringing the top home, I’ve fallen even more in love. I’ve also discovered more signs of wear, including two places where the previous owner stitched up tears in the fabric. And you know what? Knowing that my new jumper has been heavily worn, loved and repaired by someone else makes it feel that much more special. Give me pre-loved over brand new any day!



*Although it’s shaping up to be a very mild winter so far. Global warming much?