Photo: Home

I’m not taking part in Photography 101 this month — I’ve always been more of a writer than an image-maker — but I was inspired by the prompt to take a photo of something symbolising “Home”. The concept of “home” and what it really means is a theme that’s popped up in all sorts of media I’ve encountered this year. And having a sense of home, whether it’s a place, an object, a person, or simply a feeling, is essential for our well-being.

Amor Eterno

This year I’ve had a real yearning for home, which I’ll explore in depth more another time. But one important aspect of home for me is family. The cute box I’ve photographed was an engagement gift from my brother, and thus represents a link between my family of origin and the new family I’m creating. It sits on the windowsill in my little apartment, and helps make the place feel more homely.