A wish

Can you believe we’re nearly a month into 2015 already? I suspect the first third of this year will go whizzing by without much in the way of blogging from me – it turns out planning a wedding is as much of a time-suck as everyone always says it is. Who would’ve thought? But I do enjoy the writing, the thinking and the reading, so I’ll try to pop by from time to time.

I had intended to set some goals for 2015, but then I realised I’d written some perfectly serviceable goals during Matariki last June and there was no point in updating them. So instead I took a leaf out of Neil Gaiman’s book and wrote a new year’s wish for myself and for the world:

May your year be full of love and compassion for yourself and for the world around you. May you experience serenity and excitement, whichever you need most at any moment. May you feel grateful, always.
May you be fully present for the important moments in life – both big and small.
May you dare to create, to give and receive, to be vulnerable and brave.
May you live in harmony with the natural world.
May this year be easier than the last one.