April spring blossoms

As autumn started this year a blustery storm stripped our plum tree of its dying autumn leaves.

A few weeks later we started seeing new buds, white blossoms and fresh green leaves appearing… Our poor plum tree doesn’t know what season it is!

Plum tree blossoming in autumn

Plum tree blossoming in autumn

This autumn has been uncommonly warm, and while it’s tempting to point the finger at climate change, the blame probably rests with the El NiƱo weather pattern we’ve been having.

I just hope our plum tree has enough reserves left to survive the winter and blossom again next spring.

Summer in the Garden

I’m spending my summer holiday at home. There’s no better time to enjoy the garden than a lazy summer day.

Not for Eating

Spotted in Albert Park this week:
“Please be advised that these are ornamental vegetables – they are not for eating”


Normally when I come across vegetable gardens in public spaces they’re part of a project to encourage sharing and eating fresh food (like the Incredible Edible garden I saw in Geraldine a few weeks ago). While I appreciate that vege patches can look good, it seems counterintuitive to grow something edible and then tell people it’s not for eating!

Edible Incredible Geraldine