April spring blossoms

As autumn started this year a blustery storm stripped our plum tree of its dying autumn leaves.

A few weeks later we started seeing new buds, white blossoms and fresh green leaves appearing… Our poor plum tree doesn’t know what season it is!

Plum tree blossoming in autumn

Plum tree blossoming in autumn

This autumn has been uncommonly warm, and while it’s tempting to point the finger at climate change, the blame probably rests with the El Niño weather pattern we’ve been having.

I just hope our plum tree has enough reserves left to survive the winter and blossom again next spring.

6 thoughts on “April spring blossoms

  1. I was in Germany over Christmas and when I arrived on December 20 I did not have to put my jacket on, as it was sixteen degrees at seven p.m.! My Oma’s trees and shrubs were showing green buds again…it was kind of sad to see nature so confused. Now here in Canada too we are having an extremely warm spring, so all the trees are blossoming much sooner; usually we see this in mid-May, and this year it was a month or more early.

    • It’s sobering to know the same things are going on all over the world. If it starts to happen every year it’ll put a major stress on all plant life – not to mention the impact it could have on food production.

      • Absolutely. It has been so hot and dry here already that there are wildfires popping up. We typically don’t see these until midsummer. There is a huge one that just forced evacuation of over 80 000 residents yesterday. Very scary!

      • Some photos of the Fort McMurray wildfires just popped up on my facebook feed – it’s even more horrifying than I’d imagined

      • It sure is. Some people posted their dash-cam videos while they escaped the city and those are absolutely terrifying.

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