A little bit of spring sunshine

A month has passed since my last post, thanks to an urgent deadline at work that kept me too busy to blog. (In fact, for a couple of weeks there my life consisted solely of work and blues dancing. Although it was far from a perfect work-life balance, blues is an excellent way to spend one’s limited free time!)

While I’ve been otherwise occupied, Mother Earth has been hard at work too and the season’s first bright, fragrant flowers are springing up all over the place. With the warmer mornings and longer days, it truly feels like summer is coming. Now I’m just waiting for the sun to stop hiding her radiant face behind grey cloud and misty drizzle.

A piece of sunshine in the garden

A sunny pair of daffodils

But perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place? It turns out sunshine comes in many forms, and I was delighted to discover a little piece of blogging sunshine in the guise of an award nomination from Simple Is The New Green! I have to start by saying thank you for the nomination; it’s wonderful to receive recognition from fellow bloggers. For those who haven’t come across Simple Is The New Green before, I recommend you go check it out. The author has a refreshingly grounded take on simple, green living.

And now, here are my answers to the questions posed:

1. What does your ideal day look like?

There are too many enjoyable activities in life to fit into a single “ideal” day, but a damn good day might start with a lazy morning reading in bed, followed by an afternoon amble through the bush or along the shore, and topped off by a night of blues dancing!

2. How do you find instant gratification that doesn’t cost anything?

Snuggling with the resident cat (or any cat really); strumming on a ukulele; being in a park or on a beach. Honestly, this is such a brilliant question β€” what are some of the simple things that give you pleasure?

I was trying to take a photo, but she was determined to smooch. Human 0 - Cat 1

I was trying to take a photo, but she was determined to smooch. Human 0 – Cat 1.

3. If you knew a disaster was coming and you have 10 minutes to evacuate your house, what would you take?

I actually have two answers to this question. My immediate response was: my wedding ring and the necklace made by my husband (both of which I would normally be wearing), childhood teddy bear and cat. However, that answer is more appropriate to the question “What would you save if your house was on fire?” i.e. those things that are most precious and irreplaceable.

When I reframed the question in terms of evacuation due to a natural disaster, then I’d add in the survival kit that I keep meaning to assemble (food, water, solar-powered torch, matches, etc), some warm waterproof clothes and sturdy boots, and a cellphone to get in touch with family.

Spreading the sunshine

As the final part of the award, I’d like to nominate the following blogs that I thoroughly enjoy reading:

And here are my questions for these bloggers to answer, if they feel so inclined:

  1. What motivated you to start blogging?
  2. Have your motivations changed over time, and if so, how and why?
  3. What is one book that changed your life? (If you aren’t much of a reader then you could share a movie, life event or even blog that’s had a big impact on you.)
  4. What are some of the simple things in life that give you pleasure?

If you aren’t one of my nominees, feel free to answer these questions anyway β€” I’d love to hear your thoughts!

11 thoughts on “A little bit of spring sunshine

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! I really appreciate the encouragement. And from a fellow ukulele lover! I started blogging as a way to understand just what the heck is going on around me. I still try to focus on that point in my blog, Every day I see the earth being killed and I just can’t stand it. An influential book? When I was a girl I read Thoreau’s Walden. It helped me realize that the whole system is broken and that it has been for a long time. Simple pleasures? bird watching, hearing the cat purr, watching a lizard sun bathe, sharing good food with good people. Thanks again for the nomination. That really made my day.

    • Thanks for the wonderful answers! I think you strike a great balance between decrying the world’s problems and celebrating the world’s beauty, so keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the nomination πŸ™‚ I enjoy reading your blog too!

    What motivated you to start blogging? Easy answer – my friend and whanaunga Marama Davidson told me to haha. I made a public declaration that I had had enough of plastic and was giving it up – and she immediately asked me to blog my progress so others could share the journey. Seemed a fair enough request and here we are.

    Have your motivations changed over time, and if so, how and why? This is a good question! Yes they have. Years ago I had what I still consider to be my “a ha” moment – I came to the conclusion that I was put here to work towards the protection of indigenous culture and cultural expression (through arts etc). Over time that has become refined – it’s the world that needs saving, and indigenous practice that is the answer to that. Same cause, I’ve just learnt that there’s MUCH more at stake there.

    What is one book that changed your life? (If you aren’t much of a reader then you could share a movie, life event or even blog that’s had a big impact on you.) Hmmm well – my first BIG read was actually a sci-fi fantasy series called “The Riftwar Series” by Raymond Feist, beginning with “The Magician”. I was about 12, and although I’d always enjoyed reading, that was the series through which I learnt the power of words to completely open up new worlds, and transport you to magical realms. I still think we have to treasure these things that remind us of magic, and wonder – isn’t that what makes life worthwhile?

    What are some of the simple things in life that give you pleasure? My furry babies πŸ™‚ I learn so much about life through taking them to the beach and watching joy manifest in them as they chase a bird, or run along the sand, or bound into the waves. They absolutely inspire me and I’m often in awe of them, Night skies, and sitting on my porch in the afternoon sunshine listening to the cacophony of life that surrounds me: birdsong, rustling leaves, children laughing, dogs barking, and someone up the road playing their music.

    • Thanks for answering my questions! I’m also a fan of the Riftwar series, and fantasy in general. I love the way a food author can make other worlds or magical powers feel so real.

      Keep up the good work blogging about plastic and indigenous culture πŸ™‚

  3. just found this – tis what happens when one is out of the loop or in another loop and will consider these questions which might give me the impetus to get another post together. thank you for the nomination and I enjoy reading what the green lips say.

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