Not for Eating

Spotted in Albert Park this week:
“Please be advised that these are ornamental vegetables – they are not for eating”


Normally when I come across vegetable gardens in public spaces they’re part of a project to encourage sharing and eating fresh food (like the Incredible Edible garden I saw in Geraldine a few weeks ago). While I appreciate that vege patches can look good, it seems counterintuitive to grow something edible and then tell people it’s not for eating!

Edible Incredible Geraldine

4 thoughts on “Not for Eating

  1. I’d like to think they were well intentioned and that their thinking just got messed up. Veggies can be beautiful -and- harvested. I can imagine a planting that could do both. However, I suspect there is something worse going on here — a kind of privilege that is totally out of touch with other people’s realities.

    • Yes, it would be nice if they were harvested and provided to local food banks (or even students at the university next door) when the gardens are re-planted, but I’m not optimistic about that.

  2. Even the caterpillars are going for it in the second garden! The not for eating rule seems to be sending a strange message in a time when it should be important to remind people where their vegies actually come from. Don’t eat these freshly grown veg, but feel free to buy and consume the ones that have been stuck in a cooler for the last year!

    • You’re so right, there’s a definite disconnect! I’d love to see more public/community vege gardens to re-educate people and provide better access to fresh, healthy food.

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