Cultivating a sense of gratitude is widely acknowledged to be good for us, and many well-being advocates suggest regularly taking note of what you are grateful or thankful for.

I’ve been making daily gratitude lists on and off for several years now (although I must admit my “gratitude” lists tend to have a broader focus, encompassing things that I’ve enjoyed and that have made me happy, as well as things that I am thankful for), and I’ve found it’s a particularly useful practice for getting me in a good frame of mind before bed.

Going forward, I plan to share my favourite gratitudes from during the week on this blog. Some of the things I’m grateful for will be big, important things; others will be silly little things. I can warn you in advance that there will be repetition! I am invariably grateful for sunny days, ocean views, and the love of those around me.

So, what am I grateful for this week?

  • Learning that two of my favourite bands will be touring Down Under next year
  • Being forced to put life on pause so that I could rest when I got sick
  • Warmer spring weather that lets me go outside without a jacket
  • Treating myself to chai lattes and hot chocolates
  • Finally getting the motivation I need to start writing regularly!

What are you grateful for this week?

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