You are stronger than you know

Some days are harder than others. Just getting out of bed is a struggle, and the thought of stepping outside the house makes your soul retreat into the dark and curl in on itself like a baby hedgehog.

But still, you have your obligations: work and family, housekeeping and that damn ukulele course you signed up for. And so you get on with things.

You survive the day at work, making sure to take your lunch break outside in the sunshine where office workers are lounging on the fresh spring grass.

On the way home you’re irritated by the jazz buskers outside the corner bar; nevertheless, you’re grateful that they’re there injecting some life into the city.

You drag yourself along to that ukulele course – and guess what: you have a blast! Even missing your bus home turns out to be fortuitous; while waiting for the next bus you enjoy the most amazing mug of hot chocolate you’ve ever had. It’s decadently frothy and heaped high with fresh chocolate shavings. Delicious.

So do not forget, even on the hardest days the little things will make you smile if you let them. You are stronger than you know.

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