Global Algorithm

Every day that we fail to break out of business as usual we’re spiralling deeper into danger…

while (worldIsNotEnough) {
    resourcesRemaining = PlunderResources(population, peoplePower);
    pollutionScore = Pollute(population, resourcesRemaining, peoplePower);

    peoplePower = FightBack(resourcesRemaining, pollutionScore, population);

    /* The Apocalypse is Nigh! Complete with War, Famine, Pestilence and Death */
    if (daysUntilDisaster == 0 || resourcesRemaining < sufficient || pollutionScore > tippingPoint) {
        fprintf(stderr, "Global Systems Collapse: Apocalypse Imminent\n");
    /* Can we break the cycle of waste and destruction before we cause global collapse? */
    if (peoplePower > businessAsUsual) {
        worldIsNotEnough = 0;

/* Is there enough capacity left on the Earth to truly make the best attempt at a Better Life? */
BetterLife(resourcesRemaining, pollutionScore, population, peoplePower);

Note: Global population is estimated to increase by over 228,000 people each day (in comparison, NZ’s “usually resident population count” increased by about 214,000 people in the 7 years between the 2006 and 2013 censuses – that’s more than 2500 times slower than the global growth rate!)

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